GTower Hotel green policies

The top green hotel in Malaysia

At GTower Hotel Kuala Lumpur, we take our commitment to “living green” and reducing our carbon footprint seriously. Our strong environment-friendly credentials are due to both our placement in Malaysia’s first internationally green-rated building GTower (Singapore BCA Green Mark Gold) and our commitment to upholding the four tenets of environmental sustainability: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 


We decided to challenge conventional building norms by construction a building that would be more than just four walls, a window and roof. We wanted GTower Hotel to be a construct of intelligence, integrity, ingenuity and sensitivity. By rethinking key elements from site orientation to harnessing the latest sustainable green building technologies and systems available, GTower Hotel functions more energy efficiently than a building of similar size.


We've worked to reduce our energy consumption by using double glazed low e-glass, allowing for maximum entry of natural light while minimising the amount of heat transmission. Our investment into a state-of-the-art chilled water centralised air-con chillers circulates cool air through the rooms but at lower energy consumption than traditional air-conditioning systems.

Light fixtures in the hotel utilise low energy LED lighting, energy savings PLC and T5 lighting providing ambient lux level, whilst minimizing energy consumption. Green food for thought, an LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and lasts around 100,000 hours

Day to day, hotel operations often use a vast quantity of chemical cleansers and cleaning agents. At GTower Hotel, we've sourced green friendly cleaning agents that are good not only for the environment but for our guests as well. The infinity pool, with the KL skyline as a backdrop is a showcase eco friendly pool. To reduce the use of chemicals, salt is used to condition the water. The pool is heated from waste energy from the air conditioning units. The waste heat generated from the air conditioners is harvested using a sophisticated heat exchanger, providing warm water for the pool. All sanitary and tap fittings are green rated for water efficiency. Reducing the usage of water, without affecting comfort levels.


We're committed to reusing as many resources as possible, with the sophisticated building management system of GTower; we've created key water catchments areas to harvest rainwater that irrigates our green roofs and green walls throughout the building. These in-built green walls play an essential role as natural air purifiers, absorbing Co2 and releasing oxygen in return to help maintain air quality. We don't just stop at conserving water, even waste heat from our air-con units are recovered and reused to generate hot water for our bathrooms.


Apart from an active recycling policy where housekeeping staff are educated on the proper methods of separating waste and disposing into recycle bins, the interiors of room feature furnishings that have been made of recyclable materials or are recycled. Even the paint that has gone onto the room walls feature a low volatile organic compound, reducing toxicity and improving on indoor environmental quality. Hotel amenities and paper used are made from green or recycled materials.

All guests to our hotel are encouraged to support our Green efforts by turning off the lights and reusing towels to reduce the need for washing and wastage of natural resources.